Releases Insecurity Hits Volume 1

The artists who appear on this album are mostly our friends whose music we like. We wanted to capture something raw and highlight experiments of bands learning how to become themselves. One of the bands we saw for the first time in an unlicensed basement venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their music sounded like the start of a revolution to us. It’s took us months to find out there was no guitar being played on their EP. Another band was discovered by one of us on a friend’s Facebook feed two weeks ago and we haven’t stoped playing their song to ourselves since. Another artist we know from Silent Barn where one of us helped resolve their housing dispute. Another artist we found out about through a friend we ran into on the subway in the middle of the night. After telling them the idea for the label and what we were looking for they sent us an invite to a show of a band we had never heard of whose audience consisted of mostly teenagers. Others we know from shows we booked, shows our friends booked, attempts to see certain bands in nearby cities that failed because said band broke up the day before (but we liked the one of the artists in the band so much we convinced them to form a solo project for this compilation) and artists we randomly correspond with on Twitter. Some of their music is garage, hardcore, experimental electronic, electro-pop and indie-rock based but they are all punk. It was a joy to work with all of these artists on this music project at a time when all of us were deprived of something we desperately enjoy….live music. All of the sales proceeds of this compilation will go to Black Lives Matter New York and Willie Mae Girls Rock Camp.


  • Drill - Incomplete
  • Frida Kill - Mujeres Con Mangos
  • Decisions - Crucify Peace
  • Yer Trash - Teacher
  • Jhariah - Are You Happy (Questions)
  • Grandma ft. Fritz Cook - Sun Up
  • Sunk Heaven - Four Quarters
  • The Ire - To Sleep
  • HUSHPUPPY - Insomnia (2.0)
  • JAZZ - King of Rock N Roll
  • Zander Yates - The Singularity
  • corey flood - Honey
  • MALLRAT - harmony and temperance
  • Anna Altman - Echoes Answer
  • Stem Champ - Proper
  • Space Meow Doll ft. Zach Phillips - Put Your Head On My Shoulder